Series VW Boiler

Direct Hydronic Boilers

Applications: 30 to 100 psi Hydronic
Outputs: 165 to 2750 MBH Packaged Boilers,
Modular Heating Plants for Any Capacity
Fuels: Natural or Propane Gas, #2 Oil, Combination

Low Stress Design: Single pass construction eliminates differential expansion forces across heads, permitting design return temperatures as low as 70°F and immediate “cold starting” response to all call for heat. Boilers are warranted for five years against thermal stress leaks regardless of return temperature. Consult L.E.S. for boiler configuration/control options required for direct very low temperature operation.

High Efficiency: Series VW boilers are positive pressure non-condensing appliances. They are equipped with forced-draft burners for reliable 83% efficient combustion. High-temperature fiberglass rope is used to gasket burner flanges to burner ports and steel lids to flue-gathering chambers. Custom-fabricated bent steel turbulators installed in fire-tubes limit flue gas velocity, insuring maximum heat transfer. Heat losses associated with draft hoods and barometric dampers are eliminated and breeching/stack sizes can be reduced.

Steel Skids: Structural channel skids create a space (3″ minimum) beneath boiler  shells which may permit elimination of a poured concrete pad. Boilers can be rolled  into place on steel pipes, levered into precise position, and easily/securely leveled by  shimming of skids.


L.E.S. Series VW Boilers Chart


VW/VWC Boiler Cutaway



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